Thank you for your generosity that made our girls’
Christmas & witner break bright!

About Jesse’s House

School is OUT and the weather is HOT! Just like with the holidays, the summer can be harder on the girls because there are limited distractions to the fact that they are not placed with their families. Days can be long and missing home becomes front and center.

All of our programs still run during the summer, like regular counseling and visitation, academic supports, independent and daily living skills instruction, nutritious meals and snacks, and medical and dental care.  But with school out, there’s a lot more time to fill!

With your support, we can send our girls back to school in August with positive summer experiences! Please take the time to grant us a gift by clicking the donate button below or looking through our Summer Wish Lists & Involvement Opportunities.

For more information on ways you can give to our mission, please contact Amber Black or Shannon Kern at 678-947-6217. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!